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Ayshford Sansome Attend Schools' Mock Interviews

We take great pride in offering up our time and enthusiasm for local Essex charities when we can. Yesterday was an opportunity to assist Essex Work Skills again, this time at Moulsham High School in Chelmsford. Phil and Will assumed the role of interviewer along with at least 20 other volunteers from local businesses to interview 270 year 11 students.

They both returned to the office impressed with the young people they had met. The aspirations, goals, and skills of the students were breathtaking and as people who are not regularly in contact with teenagers in an educational setting, came away with great respect for both the students and the teachers who have done an amazing job together.

Well done to Essex Work Skills for arranging such a well-organised service. The planning and resilience on the day, rescheduling slots as necessary was seamless. Every school in Essex should make use of this great resource!

We look forward to our next call-up!


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