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Throwback to Thorpe Bay

With over 110 years of history, we have a plethora of projects that have stood the test of time. One example is one of our founder's early projects, the old bank in Thorpe Bay Broadway. With original drawings produced in 1911 by George F Grover, this bank and shops have been in use for over 100 years. Whilst there are some slight changes between the original drawing you can see very little has changed. Here's a now and the original drawing.

Incidentally, this is the earliest drawing we have found in our stores at current. We can find a variety of references to G F Grover working in Thorpe Bay and the wider Southend area throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Mr Grover was the Grandfather of Anthony Ayshford who in 1952 partnered with Lionel Sansome to form Ayshford & Sansome.

The practice was founded in Thorpe Bay at 112 The Broadway and stayed there until 2002 when the practice outgrew the facilities in Thorpe Bay.


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