Olympus KeyMed EndoALPHA
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Olympus KeyMed (Systems Integration)


We have offered Olympus KeyMed Ltd our design services (principally delivering designs for endoscopic suites) for over forty years, assisting them to deliver turnkey installations in hospitals all over the UK in both the public and private sectors.

We assisted with the installation of fully integrated Laparoscopic operating theatres into a number of hospitals countrywide. Our services involved surveying and assessing existing theatres for suitability, and then developing scheme proposals, including 3D visualisations for inclusion into technical bids. Once a project was secured, we prepared packages of information to obtain statutory & health trust approvals for construction.

Projects for Olympus KeyMed (Systems Integration)
  • Cosmos unit - London Clinic
  • EndoALPHA full installation - Eastbourne Hospital
  • EndoALPHA full installation - Castle Hill Hospital, Hull
  • EndoALPHA full installation - Hope Hospital, Manchester
  • EndoALPHA full installation - Maidstone Hospital
  • EndoALPHA full installation - Northwick Park Hospital
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Benenden Hospital, Kent
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Penzance Hospital
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Royal Free Hospital, London
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Salisbury Hospital
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Tonbridge Wells Hospital
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Truro Hospital
  • EndoALPHA (tender package) - Wycombe Hospital
  • Extension & EndoALPHA feasibility - Southend Hospital
  • ETD3 - Christie Hospital, Manchester
  • ETD3 - Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil
  • ETD3 - Brentwood Community Centre, Essex

Olympus KeyMed EndoALPHA